Anonymous asked:

When you're taking photos do you ever want to join in? Have you ever joined in?


I haven’t yet shot any couples so it hasn’t come up, but no, that’s not what this is about. However, I have shot a lot of solo nudes over the years and I can’t recall ever being turned on by it. It’s just a different mindset, you’re entirely concerned with getting good photos as to not waste anyone’s time, so I imagine it would be doubly so when you’re shooting more than one other person. I would never touch anyone without their permission anyway. As a male photographer, it already seems shady enough and people who take advantage of models are gross and make trying to do something like this infinitely harder. Of course, none of this applies when the camera becomes part of the act between myself and another person I’m already intimate with, but that’s another circumstance entirely.

Same here. When doing a photo session with a couple, my mind is only focused at getting great shots. Even when the work is done and ready for publishing, i only see it the same way as i looking at a painting or graphic arts (non sex related).